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5 Best Body Groomer Trimmers For Men (Updated 2020)

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In past 30 years, the amount of men who regularly shave or trim their body hair has risen significantly. Here are the best body groomer options to cut away all that fur.
best body hair groomer

Formerly, men who shaved or trimmed their hair were considered to be a little off or maybe even a little feminine as body hair was considered a sign of masculinity. This idea has become a bit more obsolete as body grooming has become increasingly popular. In today’s article we will take a look at the best body groomer options for acquiring the most perfect shave.

Body grooming, also known as manscaping, has now become a popular trend among men, although beards and mustaches will never go out of style, but it’s pretty clear that women don’t have as much interest in hairy backs like they did in the 70’s.

Due to the increasing trend of manscaping by the majority of men, many companies have launched shavers and trimmers designed and marketed specifically for body grooming. These devices help by simplifying the shaving process of removing hair from the chest, legs, back, pubic areas and other parts of the body that you wish to make as soft as a baby’s butt.

The best body groomer for you depends on what exactly you want to trim and how close of a shave you want. Most people get body groomers to shave unwanted hair and get smooth hairless skin. Others are just seeking a light trim to cut down the shrub.

With tons of body groomer choices in today’s market, you can easily get a body groomer  that fits your style and needs. Fortunately, a good quality body groomer doesn’t cost a fortune (sick pun man I know).

We have put together a list of top five body groomers and listed their individual features and functions. With many body groomers available today that feature both a shaver and trimmer in one, you’ll be able to get all your mangrooming done in a matter of minutes. Let’s take a look into the specs and features of the best body groomer trimmers available in today market.

Table of Contents

Key Features

2 Groomers In 1

Pivoting Head

5 Length Settings

Why does Philips Make The Best Body Groomers?

The Philips Norelco line is probably the best selling collection of body groomers available today. Philips is a great brand that actually released their first shaver in 1939 called the Philishave. So Considering that Philips has been making electric shavers for over 75+ years, it is safe to say that they probably have some of the best body groomers in today’s world. Not only does the customer feedback show this, but I can attest to this as well. I have been using this exact body groomer for over a year myself and I don’t plan on looking back anytime soon.

How we decided this was our top pick

The Philips Norelco BG2040/49 is the best body groomer on this list because of its ability to shave even the thickest hairs in one pass without tugging, cutting, or nicking skin. As far as durability, I have personally used mine on a bi-weekly basis for over a year and I have seen no issues with the battery going dead and everything else seems to be performing just like it was when it was new. It is equipped with all the features most men would like to see in their manscape trimmer.

Product Info:

  • It can be used on the body and face as its articulating head works to fit the contour of whatever curve or crevice you are attempting to shave.
  • Thanks to it’s self-sharpening blades, it does not ever need blades or heads replaced to get that perfect shave. If you’re looking for a durable body groomer, with low maintenance, then the Philips Norelco has your name written all over it.
  • It’s powerful rechargeable battery offers up to 50 minutes of running time on a single charge.
  • It is water-resistant, so feel free to bring it in the shower without worrying about it shorting or shocking you.
  • The five different length settings allow you to choose how short you want to trim or shave. Are you going bald Billy or trimmed Trevor?
  • On one side, the Norelco features an adjustable groomer for trimming down those body hairs and a shaving head on the other, if you’re trying to get that close up smooth shave. Simply put, it works like both a razor and a body groomer. The self-sharpening shaving head is the highlight feature while the body groomer shouldn’t be look down at with it’s 3D articulating head that pivots itself in any direction to give you the closest body shave possible.


  • Highest-quality build on the market
  • Can be used in the shower
  • Has adjustable length settings


  • Can only be charged with a stand

Key Features

Dual Sided Shaver and trimmer

5 Adjustable Lengths


Running up in our second spot is yet another electric body groomer from the Philips Norelco line, The Philips Norelco Bodygroomer Series 7000. This body groomer, can perform the functions of both a trimmer and shaver just like it’s older brother.

Why this is not our top choice…

The significant reason this is our second choice is due to the fact that it has a fixed head instead of the contouring trim head like our first pick. The only other notable difference is the fact that the foil shaver on the 2040 features 2 pre-trimmers that aid with shaving longer hairs before they are finished off with the foil, if you’re ok with these differences then I would tell you to get the series 7000.

The Norelco Series 7000 also has a few features that would push it as the top choice in many gentlemen’s eyes, such as the longer 80 minute run time, its super long 5 year warranty, or the fact that it is priced way cheaper than our first pick. Take a look at the product info below to see if it’s specs make it the best body groomer for you.

Product Info:

  • An awesome five year warranty is included this shaver, that is how much Philips stands behind their products which is great if you care about durability.
  • The Series 7000 can be used for 80 minutes after a full charge.
  • It also has a 5 position adjustable trimmer so you can easily achieve any hair length you desire.
  • One side of the body groomer has a shaver for cutting hair at skin level while the other side has a trimmer for cutting hair into your specified length.
  • You can easily switch the side you are using at any given moment. For instance, you can shave your chest, then immediately use the trimmer to trim down the hair in your pubic area. On the shaver side, there are two cutters with flanked foil that are very similar to that of a hair clipper. The tips of the blades are rounded to avoid any cuts on the skin, especially the sensitive areas (as we all know, cuts are the worst when you’re shaving pubic hair).
  • The other side of the body groomer with the trimmer can be adjusted to 5 different lengths ranging between 5 mm to 11 mm. You can choose if you want a short prickly cut, or a longer cut that almost mimics a natural look.
  • For cleaning purposes, both heads can easily be taken off to clean any buildup of hair that has formed in them


  • Very comfortable to shave any part of your body (great on pubic hairs)
  • Can be used on wet and dry skin
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Long run time


  • Doesn’t feature a contouring head like our first choice does

Key Features

2-1 Trimmer & Shaver

8 Length Settings


If you would prefer to a cheaper, less known name brand name with performance similar to the 2 electric shavers reviewed above, then the Man groomer Lithium Max plus is perfect for you. The device has been shown to perform almost as good as our top 2 choices, but without the big brand name standing behind it. Although they do offer a 2 year warranty on the Mangroomer, we we’re not able to test it out as I only used it a few times.

Why the Mangroomer is not our top choice

When trying this product the first time, I found it to work really good when shaving my chest and back, but as soon I started trimming my pubic hair it caught a snag and made a little cut on my skin. That is when I called it quits. Other users say that it performs well in the pubic area if you are careful, but I’m not an artist when it comes to shaving my pubic hair so this was personally a no for me. Our top 2 choices are smooth on pubic hair and great on all other parts of the body, that is why the Mangroomer is falling back to number 3 on this list.

Product Info:

  • Two years warranty.
  • This body trimmer comes with eight length settings so you can adjust it to the trim length of your choice.
  • Can be used on wet or dry skin but the manual recommends to avoid getting the trimmer wet
  • It has a strong yet comfortable grip and is slip-resistant 
  • The trimmer head is for cutting down long hairs and  is wide enough to remove hair in large area with a single stroke. The other head is equipped with a foil surface shaver to deal with the shorter body hair and leave your shaved areas silky smooth.
  • The Mangroomer has a power boost button that allows you to increase the power when you have thick patches of hair that you want to just mow through, or it could be used to trim hairs faster if you are in a rush.
  • This manscape trimmer contains a lithium battery that claims it can last up to 5x longer than a standard NiHD/NiCad battery, but we weren’t able to vouch for this as we only used it on a few tests.


  • Great for shaving all hair above the waist
  • Good battery life
  • Has a useful compact 2-in-1 design


  • Shaving head must be replaced once worn (not self sharpening like our top 2 choices)
  • Not the best choice if you will primarily be using it for pubic hair trimming
  • Not shower proof

Key Features

Includes 2 different blades

6 Length Attachments Included

use with or without shaving cream

And just like that we’re back onto another product from the Philips Norelco lineup. The OneBlade trimmer has similar features to the BodyGroomer, but is much more compact in size. It’s overall design has been designed quite differently from the other Philips products in this list for a few good reasons, the main one being its size which makes the OneBlade the best choice for a travel electric trimmer. 

With its sleek modern design, the OneBlade has made its appearance worldwide as the best compact shaver that many people use as a substitute to their Norelco BodyGroomer while they are traveling. It does not feature the 2 in 1 shaver and trimmer like our other choices, but should not be turned down for that reason. The foil shaver that cuts at a rate of 600 times per second is still able to shave the longer hairs, but just not as quickly and efficiently as our top choices.

With it’s included skin guard, which adds an extra layer of protection when shaving sensitive areas, makes it a perfect pubic hair trimmer as well as an exceptional body trimmer.

Product Info:

  • This body groomer consists of a foil blade system that precisely trims hair down to a smooth shave
  • With its 4 different sized comb attachments, it makes a great trimmer that can also be used to shape up your beard or to just partially trim down body hairs
  • You can conveniently use it in the shower as it is waterproof.
  • The blade used on the head of this body groomer is similar to a foil style electric shaver.
  • With its fast blade that cuts up to 600 times per second, it glides smoothly over almost any part of the body without nicking or cutting your skin.


  • Sleek, modern design
  • Multifunctional body groomer with versatile use (great for a travel trimmer)
  • Impressive battery life for a compact shaver


  • Replacement blades can get costly if you primarily use this to shave your body hairs. 
  • Not as quick and efficient as other shavers on this list

Key Features

Nanotech blades

Motor with a Linear Drive

Multi Flex Pivoting Head

Coming in last but not least is from another big brand name is the Panasonic Arc5. The Arc5 is one of Panasonic’s high-end electric razors that has proven itself as a big player in the body grooming world. It has a modern, contoured but somewhat bulky design that has been upgraded from the previous body groomers in the Arc series.

This electric shaver sets itself apart from others on this list due it’s ability to give you a super close shave. When I say close shave I mean it smooths your skin to the point that it looks like hair doesn’t even grow there. This is perfect for anyone that is looking for a body groomer that can give you a very close shave. Some men like myself aren’t the biggest fans of shaving completely because it can easily end with ingrown hairs forming when the hair follicles begin to sprout again. With its pivoting head similar to our top choice, this trimmer is great at trimming all hairs especially in hard to reach areas.

Many users of the Arc5 boast about it’s ability to slice through thick body hair which is why it made the list.

Product Info:

  • The body of the Arc5 has a sleek metal finish that is comfortable to hold as you can put your thumb on the thumb rest.
  • It has a pivoting foil head shaver with five total Nanotech foil blades. The five cutting blades make it easy to remove hair from the hard to reach areas like under the chin or around the neck. 
  • There are two switches on the side of the cutting head. You can separate the cutting head into two halves by pressing the buttons simultaneously.
  • Panasonic has released a feature on this shaver called “Active Shave Sensor Technology” which claims to speed up blades when hair is thicker and only use as much power that it needs to when shaving smaller thinner hairs.


  • Works well for a super close shave on any part of the body (including pubic hair areas)
  • Easy to clean
  • Superb build quality backed by a 2 year warranty


  • No adjustable length options

How to know which is the Best Body Groomer for me?

Everyone is typically a little different when it comes to wants and needs. Make sure you choose the best body groomer that fits your needs, even if it cost a little more up front. With the wrong type of trimmer you could end up seriously hurting yourself, it is essentially a bunch of  little knives cutting the top of your skin, being cheap and getting the wrong grooming device is not recommended. The following buying guide covers several things you should consider before buying the best manscape trimmer  that fits your needs.

1)   Features

Now since there are tons of body groomers made by many big and small companies, each device varies in functions and features in one way or another. The body groomer you buy should have features that suit your grooming goal and provide you with the shave you are looking for. 

The first feature to look at is the thickness of the hair that the body groomer is capable of removing. Some men only have thick hair, some only have thin, and many men have a mixture of thick and thin hair. For example most men have thick pubic hair, but not all have thick hair on their head or chest, etc. Body groomers with variable power settings can be very useful for the majority of men that have a mixture of thin and thick hair.

On a high power mode, the trimmer would be capable of removing thick hair easily, while using this same setting on thinner hair may cause a few cuts around the shaving area. This factor should always be considered as there are trimmers out there with low power which can result in a painful experience. You could be trimming then all of a sudden a few of your hairs get caught up in the head of the trimmer, causing them to be plucked out (we’re shaving here not waxing).

2)   Ease of use

If you will be using your electric body groomer on a daily basis, you want to find one that is easy to clean so you don’t waste time every day taking apart your trimmer to clean it. No one would like to routine struggle with their hair trimmer every morning. 

The actual cutting element on the body groomer should be able to trim or remove all hair in a few passes, if you were to pick up a standard cheap foil shaver to trim body hair, you would probably spend 10+ passes on each patch of hair which could also end up even irritating your skin from all the friction.

Running late to work because your shaver takes too many passes to shave off hair will not pass with your boss.

If you prefer shaving or trimming your hair in the shower, then be sure to get a device that is water proof or water resistant. Also make sure that the blades on the model you choose are able to cut hairs while they are wet, many foil shavers are not capable of doing this.

3)   How much hair do you want to get rid of?

Before choosing the best body groomer for yourself, ask yourself how much hair do you want to remove. Some people prefer to shave all of their hair down to smooth skin, while others prefer a trim to keep a light patch of hair that some females find attractive. A big reason that some people prefer to only trim is so that they can easily avoid ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs are much more prone to forming when the hair is shaved at or below the surface of the skin. If you will be doing a mixture of shaving and trimming, we recommend any of the body groomers listed above that feature the 2 in 1 shaver and trimmer. This is your best option and will really give you the best of both worlds when it comes to body hair grooming.

You should also consider which body parts you are going to be trimming or shaving with your new device. This is because not all body groomers work best on all body parts. For example, our third choice on this this list wonderful at trimming chest, back, and neck hair, but falls short when it comes to trimming pubic hairs. If you would like to stay safe I recommend getting one of our top 2 choices as they are both able to trim all parts of the body without cutting and without pulling your hairs. 


Can I rinse my body groomer with water?

This should be an easy answer becuase what kind of body trimmer isn’t waterproof right? Wrong! Not all electric trimmers are water proof, they can easily short out and become useless if water gets into the wrong areas of it. Make sure your specific device is water proof or at least water resistant before you put it under water to clean it. If your body groomer indicates that it is waterproof, then yes you can use water to rinse it and remove any hair or deposits around the blades. 

Can I use the body groomer to trim my head hair?

Most body groomers are specifically meant to only trim shorter to mid-length body hairs. While it may work fine to trim the hair on your head, it will not perform as well as a hair trimmer that is specifically designed to trim and cut head hair.

Can I use the body groomer on my face?

You can use it on your face. However, it is not highly recommended to do so as body groomers are meant to trim mainly thicker body hairs present on the arms, chest, pubic areas etc. Most body groomers are most designed for flat areas of the skin and may not function well when trimming contoured areas such as those on your face

How can I clean my body groomer?

It is important to keep your manscaping trimmer well maintained and clean to avoid any bacterial buildup fungus growth. After every heavy use, or at least once every few shaves, simply remove the head of the trimmer and clean any strands of hair stuck in there. You can also add electric shaver lubricant to help extent the life of your electric razor.

What is the difference between a trimmer, razor, and body groomer?

A trimmer is a common word used to describe any type of electric device that trims hair. Wheather it is used to trim body hair, head hair, pubic hair, etc. it still a trimmer. A razor is typically one or multiple blades on the end of handle used to mainly shave facial areas but is also used by some to manually get a close shave when shaving pubic hairs. Don’t get these confused with electric razors as they use a very different method to trim hairs. A body groomer works as an all in one as it can be used for both shaving and trimming many and sometimes all parts of the body, depending of course on the model and functionalities of the body groomer.


In today’s age, men’s grooming is becoming a lot more than just beard and mustache trimming, many men enjoy to be 90% hairless from the waist up. Body grooming has made its place in the grooming world and is here to stay. With the right body grooming device, you can achieve the look you want to, whether it is a slight trim or shaving the hair down to smooth skin. Take note from the guide above to make sure that you find the best body groomer possible for your specific shaving wants and needs.



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