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How To Battle Your Ingrown Beard Hairs

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Waking up to an ingrown hair can be pretty frustrating but waking up with an ingrown beard hair can be a nightmare for some people. Avoid them by keep these few tips in mind
how to fix ingrown beard hair

Ingrown hairs are known for being an absolute nuisance to anyone who has ever been plagued by them. One more obnoxious variation of the infamous ingrown hair is the more specific ingrown beard hair. 

ingrown beard hair

For men, this is one of the more common variations of ingrown hair around and it can be a total pain to manage. Ingrown beard hairs are unattractive to look at and can actually hurt. 

This is why men everywhere are looking for a solution to handle this terrible skin problem. Fortunately, we have thrown together this comprehensive guide to help you find relief.

Shave Smart

man shaving beard

When it comes to ingrown beard hairs, the unfortunate truth is that you might be to blame. While you might have been able to get away with a questionable shaving routine as a kid, grown men are responsible for treating their skin right in order to avoid this unsightly outcome. If you are going to shave, make sure that you prep your skin and use the right products. Rinse your face in some nice warm water, use an exfoliating face wash, and find a good shave gel or cream to get a smooth shave. Of course, none of this will work if you use a bad razor, so find a quality razor and change the blades regularly, not just when your face starts to look bad. A nice aftershave can soothe your skin to ward off future ingrown beard hairs too.

Dig Out The Hair

beard hair tweezers

This is one approach to ingrown beard hair management that many men struggle with because it requires being delicate. What you don’t want to do is grab the nearest sharp object and tear it out of your skin. What you do want to do is to gently use tweezers to carefully free the ingrown hair. Though many people want to lean towards plucking an ingrown hair, remember that an ingrown beard hair that has been released from your skin will just be a normal hair once the swelling goes down. Instead of causing yourself future problems, just free the hair and wait for your skin to relax.

Shave The Right Way

Plenty of men aim for efficiency when they shave if they aren’t keeping a specific facial hair style in order. This puts plenty of them at risk when it comes to ingrown beard hairs because this is not an area where efficiency is a good thing. When you shave, you should always follow the direction of the hairs. Avoid going in the opposite direction. This will help keep your hair growing the right way.


Ingrown beard hairs are one of the worst outcomes when it comes to your daily shaving routine. In order to dodge ingrown beard hairs, you have to take your time when it comes to managing your beard. Just ask yourself if saving time is really worth having an angry red bump on your face. The answer is probably not, so invest in some good products and slow down when it comes to your daily routine.



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